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TMS Frequently Asked Questions.

Does my Insurance cover it?

Medicare and most commercial insurances will cover all or most of the treatment. Patient may have a copay or deductible

Can anyone with depression get TMS?

Most insurances require anywhere from 2-4 failed medication trials at adequent doses for adequate length of time and usually some psychotherapy. American Psychiatric Association recommends TMS much earlier in the course of depression after only one failed medication due to the favorable safety profile of TMS

How well does TMS work?

50-70% of patients with respond meaning their symptoms improve by at least 50%

Does TMS cause memory loss?


What are the treatments like?

We try to make the experience pleasant and efficient. When you arrive you will be quickly escorted to the treatment room. We respect your time and understand with daily treatments comes responsibility to be on time. You will sit in a chair similar to an estatition chair. The technition will place the magnetic coil over the treatment location and begin treatment. Durring the treatments you can converse with the therapist, watch your favorite show or movie, or listen to music. We only ask that you do not talk or use your phone or sleep during treatment.

Can TMS cause brain damage?

No. There is no evidence of any long term damage caused by TMS therapy

Can I have TMS more than once?

Yes. If depression recurs in the future we can consider another course of TMS. Most insurances will allow TMS again after 6-12 months

Do I still need medication during or after TMS?

TMS was approved to be added on to your current medications but often medications can be reduced and some even eliminated

Is TMS like ECT(electroconvulsive or shock therapy)?

Not at all. ECT is electrical current designed to create a seizure. It occurs in a hospital setting under general anesthesia

What conditions does TMS treat?

Major Depressive Disorder is the FDA approved diagnosis. May be helpful for Anxiety, insomnia, OCD, cigarette and drug addictions, but these conditions are not covered by insurance.

How long does it Take?

The total course is 7-8 weeks. She people notice improvement in the beginning and some more awards the end. Effectiveness is usually gradual and on average occurs around week 4.

Does TMS hurt?

Not really. It feels like someone tapping on your head or pulling some hair. Different patients require different amounts of energy so it may seem more intense for some than others

What side effects can TMS cause?

Most people experience no side effects. As opposed to a medication which is anatomically diffuse(goes everywhere), TMS is anatomically specific. No weight gain, sexual side effects, nausea, dizziness, or sedation which may be common with medications. The most common side effect is mild headache after treatment. There is an extraordinary low risk of experiencing a seizure during treatment.

Who cannot get TMS?

TMS cannot be administered if you have magnetic material(most metals) implanted in your head near the magnet. TMS Is also not indicated for people with history of seizures

Do I have to come to every treatment?

We believe it is important to receive consistent treatments and strongly discourage missed appointment. Ofcourse life happens and a few missed appointments throughout the entire course should not effect the outcome. You will receive a total of 36 treatments in the end

Can children receive TMS?

TMS therapy is FDA approved for adults age 18 and older. Younger patients have been treated but this would take place on a case by case basis after risk benefit discussion and would likely not be covered my insurance?

Who preforms the treatments?

A certified technician will administer the treatments. The psychiatrist will be present for both mappings and may reassess throughout the TMS course.

Do I need anesthesia or am I asleep during treatment?


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Patient Testimonials.

“I can’t express enough how this TMS treatment has changed my life. The doctors and their staff literally have saved my life. This treatment has been the best treatment and care I have experienced in my life.  I feel alive again”. –  Renee

“After 30 years of depression and lack of motivation – I feel great! My wife and friends are amazed at the change. I now look forward to getting up and doing things to make each day special. The doctors and staff are very professional and caring.”  – Ron

“Before my TMS treatment, I was struggling to move forward with my life. I spent all my time in my room. I just went to sleep. I suffered from depression for years. TMS has changed a lot of things. Today I start my day earlier, with sunshine in it.” – Sandra

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