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About Depression

Depression is a serious medical illness affecting almost 20 Million Americans. Often a debilitating disorder, depression results in a persistent state of sadness or loss of interest or pleasure which interferes with an individual’s thoughts, behavior, mood, and physical health.

Depression can greatly impact the quality of life of the individual suffering with it but also the lives of family and friends, Depression leads to loss of engagement with loved ones, workdays, employment, and in severe cases loss of life.  

When it comes to the treatment for depression, time is not on our side and the longer an individual suffers in a depressive state the less likely they are to return to their previous level of functioning. For these reasons we strive to target depression aggressively and with multiple modalities of treatment.

The exact causes of depression are not fully understood but our understanding has been expanding greatly over the past decade. For over 50 years we have focused largely on Serotonin, Dopamine, and Norepinephrine (monoamine theory) but we have seen that about 1/3 of people will not respond to two or more traditional antidepressants and by the third traditional antidepressant trial there is less than a 15% chance of full recovery.

For these reasons we have focused our attention on unique and novel ways to treat this disease such as neuromodulation (TMS) and even focusing on a completely different pathway in the brain involving Glutamate. Spravato is one of these novel medications working on the glutamate system which we believe causes increase in BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) which acts as a type of fertilizer to the brain and theoretically leading to new nerve growth and lasting change to the brain(neuroplasticity or neurogenesis).

Depression has been a challenging and growing disease, especially over the last several years, and we at Florida Center for TMS, are proud to be on the forefront of technology while working on the front lines to help give you your life back!

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Patient Testimonials.

“I can’t express enough how this TMS treatment has changed my life. The doctors and their staff literally have saved my life. This treatment has been the best treatment and care I have experienced in my life.  I feel alive again”. –  Renee

“After 30 years of depression and lack of motivation – I feel great! My wife and friends are amazed at the change. I now look forward to getting up and doing things to make each day special. The doctors and staff are very professional and caring.”  – Ron

“Before my TMS treatment, I was struggling to move forward with my life. I spent all my time in my room. I just went to sleep. I suffered from depression for years. TMS has changed a lot of things. Today I start my day earlier, with sunshine in it.” – Sandra

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